Every founder should apply the strategic box. A long time ago, me and Brian O’Kane invented this strategic box when we wrote “Growing your own business, a workbook”. It is a quick frame and filter to determine your strategy, using six statements: vision, mission, passion, values, positioning, and resourcing. Not…


To keep my clients up to date and help them with strategy and scenario planning, I follow a large number of information feeds. These are my highlight for 1 December 2021. It is designed to make you think and wonder. This feed is random. …

Every day I read a large number of information feeds to stay up to date. These are the highlight for 24–27 November 2021:

Genetically Modified Tiny Worms Can Detect Pancreatic Cancer at an Early Stage


Using modified animals as a sensor. The possibilities.

FarmSense Smart Trap helps farmers identify harmful insects in real-time


Classification algorithms, combined with its sensors, help farmers identify harmful insects in their fields in real-time…

I have been a follower of Azeem Azhar. I love his weekly newsletter which describes a wide range of exponential trends. Hence picking up “Exponential: How Accelerating Technology Is Leaving Us Behind and What to Do About It.”

Lots of books about exponential

The expectations were high. However, the book…

Leadership is getting harder as the speed of disruption across all industries accelerates. I picked up “The CEO Test: Master the Challenges That Make or Break All Leaders”. A book with lessons based on six hundred CEOs and other leaders, starting with the weekly Corner Office interview series he created…

Ron Immink

Father of two, strategy and innovation specialist, entreprenerd, author, speaker, business book geek, perception pionieer. See www.ronimmink.com

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