Every founder should apply the strategic box. A long time ago, me and Brian O’Kane invented this strategic box when we wrote “Growing your own business, a workbook”. It is a quick frame and filter to determine your strategy, using six statements: vision, mission, passion, values, positioning, and resourcing. Not only does it works to align management teams, but it works with recruitment, storytelling and ultimately, it is all about culture and dreaming. If you don’t have a dream, then it can’t come true.

Codify from the start

We use the strategic box with startups as well to make sure…

It remains difficult to find good books about marketing and sales. I decided to give “Quantum Marketing: Mastering the New Marketing Mindset for Tomorrow’s Consumers”. The world that got me was quantum. As was I writing this blog and reviewing my notes, it made me make links to 17 other books. Not bad. The book confirms a lot of previous thinking and puts it all together. Click the links for some more depth.

Marketing is dead

It begins like “Killing marketing” or “The old rules of marketing are dead”. Marketing somehow seems to have lost some of its gravitas, glory…

I have been reading some very pessimistic books lately. For example “Falter” or “Novacene”. Hence “The Precipice: Existential Risk and the Future of Humanity”. The power of humanity, which has reached a point where we pose a serious risk to our own existence. How we react to this risk is up to us. The problem is not so much an excess of technology as a lack of wisdom. Either humanity takes control of its destiny and reduces the risk to a sustainable level, or we destroy ourselves. …

The perspectives on transhumanism are very diverse. Through Zoltan Istvan, I was introduced to “TransEvolution: The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction”. A very dystopian view of the world. Mind and crowd control, programming the masses, breaking morale, a strategy of terror, climate change, food and water shortages, tech dictatorship, etc. There is a bigger picture and the unseen reality behind the curtain.

Concentration of power

He points out how the concentration of power is corrupting the world. For example, in food. Today, food warfare is firmly under the control of just a few corporations. Ten to twelve pivotal companies, assisted…

Psychological safety is a hot topic in intrapreneurship, innovation, transformation. Hence “Care to Dare: Unleashing Astonishing Potential Through Secure Base Leadership”. A book that immediately reminds me of “The new leadership literacies

Secure base leadership

A secure base is a person, place, goal or object that provides a sense of protection, safety and caring and offers a source of inspiration and energy for daring, exploration, risk-taking and seeking challenge. Humans are innately driven to seek closeness to, and comfort from, a person who gives them a sense of protection.

High performance

You need that base to leverage high performance. Consistently…

I am a big fan of Zoltan Istvan. I have read all of his novels. Particualrly loved the “The Transhumanist Wager”. Highly recommended. He also wrote “The futureresist cure”. It will open your eyes to transhumanism. It will force you to think about where technology might be going. And take a position as a business and as a person. Engineering your own future.

The remnants

Hence “The Remnants”. Once you follow transhumanism, you get into the world of exponential innovation, technology, longevity, cyborgs and augmentation. Science fiction becoming science fact, predicting things such as neural implants, brain wave technology, brain…

Ever since I met Edith van den Anker, I have never been the same. Her concept around high vibration leadership brings frequency into the world of business, with amazing results.

Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration

She recommended “Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration”. Everything is vibration and frequency. You can manage your frequency. It is quantum physics. For years now, in the worlds of physics, business, spirituality, and even politics, we’ve heard about the paradigm shift, quantum leap, new world order, tipping point, new age, and holographic reality.


This book is intense. Your world contains time, space, and…

I am a huge fan of Kotler. I think his best book was “Marketing 3.0”. For a brand to be authentic, there needs to be a full alignment with the culture in the organisation. That means that the most important function in the company is your HR director.

Marketing 5.0

He then wrote “Marketing 4.0” and now “Marketing 5.0: Technology for Humanity”. From spiritual marketing (3.0) to digital (4.0) to the application of human-mimicking technologies to create, communicate, deliver, and enhance value across the customer journey (5.0). Where the objective is to create a new customer experience (CX) that is…

I am writing a second edition of “Social Media and Selling”. This time I want more emphasis on selling and less on social media. Will include books such as “The context marketing revolution”. Which is the last good book I have read about marketing. I have not read a good book about selling for a long time.

Persuasion games

It is also hard to find good books about selling. I decided to give “Persuasion Games: Will you persuade or be persuaded? Learn the mind games of influence and how to win them” a whack. …

I have always had an interest in computer games. As a gamer (Xbox) but also as a source of innovation. Hence “One Up: Creativity, Competition, and the Global Business of Video Games”. A book that gives an in-depth analysis of the trends and developments in the gaming industry. An industry, which is now leading up to the ninth generation of console hardware.

Evolution or revolution
The book describes the evolution of the gaming industry. From gaming software on par with that same effort in music, cinematography, and poetry to digital platforms, platform-agnostic, mobile gaming, social gaming, cloud gaming, free to play…

Ron Immink

Father of two, strategy and innovation specialist, entreprenerd, author, speaker, business book geek, perception pionieer. See www.ronimmink.com

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