Every founder should apply the strategic box. A long time ago, me and Brian O’Kane invented this strategic box when we wrote “Growing your own business, a workbook”. It is a quick frame and filter to determine your strategy, using six statements: vision, mission, passion, values, positioning, and resourcing. Not…

It is really hard to find a good sales book. “The Qualified Sales Leader: Proven Lessons from a Five Time CRO” ticks all the boxes. It describes the sales process in detail, hands you a structure and gives you all the questions you need to ask. The book takes you…


To keep my clients up to date and help them with strategy and scenario planning, I follow a large number of information feeds. These are my highlight for 1 December 2021. It is designed to make you think and wonder. This feed is random. …

Every day I read a large number of information feeds to stay up to date. These are the highlight for 24–27 November 2021:

Genetically Modified Tiny Worms Can Detect Pancreatic Cancer at an Early Stage


Using modified animals as a sensor. The possibilities.

FarmSense Smart Trap helps farmers identify harmful insects in real-time


Classification algorithms, combined with its sensors, help farmers identify harmful insects in their fields in real-time…

Ron Immink

Father of two, strategy and innovation specialist, entreprenerd, author, speaker, business book geek, perception pionieer. See www.ronimmink.com

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