Citizen development, acceleration and 800,000 brain cells playing “Pong” from a Petri dish

Ron Immink
2 min readJul 31

I am knee-deep in reading about digital transformation, technology abstraction, citizen development, innovation and adaptability for AgilePoint. Fascinating. The ultimate abstraction of software is codeless, and that is exactly what AgilePoint has been since 2003 (and what other vendors are now starting to claim). AI, datasets, security, complexity reduction, and climate impact as other factors. Citizen developers becoming citizen-entrepreneurs or citizen-intrapreneurs. Like Haier on steroids. As you can imagine, I am excited.

Organisational development

What does this mean for organisational development? What structures will be applied? “Scaling people” takes a lot more rigid approach than, for example, “Holacracy” (some refer to it as “holacrazy”). If you want to increase the clock speed of your organisation and develop your change muscle, you will need citizen development. To create a constructive citizen development movement in your company, corporate culture and corporate wellness will become a factor. It is time to ring John Ryan in Healthy Place to Work (and a #bookin8days client). Happy staff create happy citizen developers and happy customers. The next step is citizen co-creation. Happy to spar with anyone on this topic. Drop me a line.


We have launched our latest circular accelerator for companies with innovative solutions in construction, the built environment and infrastructure. This time focused on not only start-ups but also SMEs. We are part of a broad network that includes the UN, the EIT Climate-KIC community, universities, investors and industry partners, as well as a network of mentors, fellow entrepreneurs and alumni. We are one of the best-connected, oldest climate accelerators in the EU, with a proud track record of success. See and apply.

Scenario prompts

Scenario prompts are the first step of successful and enjoyable strategy development. 800,000 brain cells in a Petri dish capable of playing a game of “Pong” has been my favourite prompt this week. That same day, I came across a blog about the experience machine. Suppose there was an experience machine that would give you any experience that you desired. Would you plug into this machine for life, preprogramming your life’s experiences? We are not far away from there. At least then, we don´t have to worry about climate change any more.

Have a great day.


PS Have been appointed as chair of the board of Smartflow (intelligent water monitoring with a compelling ROI). Delighted.

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