Codeless operating architecture is the future

Ron Immink
9 min readAug 7

One of my clients is AgilePoint. A codeless adaptive automation platform. They solve digital transformation problems for large enterprises with a particular focus on reducing complexity, removing technical debt (a software chokepoint) and making the operating system dynamic and adaptable, which means you only have to do it once. AgilePoint will grow with you. It is the highest form of software abstraction I have seen, which means it allows for true citizen development, making your company faster, better and more innovative. Since my work with PMI, citizen development is a subject that is close to my heart. See:

Competing in the Age of AI

AgilePoint has been AI-enabled since 2003. That is why I picked up “Competing in the Age of AI: Strategy and Leadership When Algorithms and Networks Run the World”. The book examines a recurring pattern of digital firms colliding with traditionally structured firms in sector after sector.

Paradigm shift

We cannot escape the fact that the digital and analogue worlds are becoming one. We are no longer looking at some new technology, at a special kind of company, or at the “new” economy. We are looking at the economy — the entire economic system, every industry, every segment, and every country, across manufacturing, services, and software products.


The emergence of the age of AI has created the greatest entrepreneurial opportunity in the history of civilisation. Gone are the days when competitive advantage could be based on unique, static assets and capabilities, often going decades without disruption.

Asia proofs it

  • In China, has already leveraged a less aggressive digital operating model to roll out thousands of convenience stores each week.9 Walmart should pay attention.
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