Ron Immink
1 min readJun 15, 2024

I spoke at #DESS24 yesterday. The topics were marketing, technology, exponential and platforms. Obviously, they go hand in hand. I started with the questions we ask all our clients, with a focus on clock speed. Followed by the meta trends and the books, with an emphasis on “Exponential organisations” as the playbook. I covered super-exponential, LEGO and technology abstraction, illustrated by some scenario prompts.

The tools

To make sense, you need to become situationally aware by creating an information dashboard, a strategic filter (using the strategic box), the position on the pendulum of change and finally the technology platform allowing for an ambidextrous organisation. An organisational shapeshifter, if you will. I ended with some tips on what to do.


The PP is attached here (DESS24). If you want to discuss this, feel free to book me here. There are no strings attached.


With thanks to Robert Jan Brouwer for the picture



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