Event invite; achieving true transformation, a double move

Ron Immink
2 min readJan 19, 2024

Growth: A CEO’s Foremost Agenda

Research by Gartner highlights growth as the top agenda for CEOs, closely followed by the integration and effective management of AI technologies. However, the current approach to transformation does not lead to growth or effective use of AI.

Understanding True Transformation: Efficiency vs. Growth

Jesse Shiah, AgilePoint’s founder, has championed the distinction between transformation and true transformation since 2003. This involves differentiating between mere incremental efficiency improvements and substantial organizational growth. The key lies in leveraging automation across various functions and at the highest level of abstraction.

Technical Debt and Complexity: Pathways to Chaos

Opting for any approach other than this holistic integration results in escalating technical debt, growing complexity, and, eventually, organizational chaos. A critical metric to consider is the proportion of your IT budget allocated to maintenance and whether this cost is steadily increasing.

AI Application: The Challenge of Wholeness

The application of AI faces similar challenges. For AI to be fully effective, automation (alongside data) must be cross-functional and integrative. Anything less than this holistic adoption results in limited growth prospects, amounting to mere efficiency gains rather than transformative growth.

Masterclass: Accelerating AI Integration for Strategic Advantage

On January 25, Jesse Shiah will conduct a masterclass discussing strategies to move beyond AI experiments and ensure AI delivers the strategic benefits sought by CEOs. He will explore why a cross-functional approach is pivotal for operationalizing AI and securing immediate business outcomes.

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