Happy Xmas

Ron Immink
Dec 21, 2023

Just a short message to wish you a happy Xmas. I will not bore you with yet another list of best books for 2023.

AI and quantum computing

However, my last two book blogs dovetail this year perfectly. One is about AI, and the other is about quantum computing.

AI: https://www.ronimmink.com/can-we-ride-the-technology-waves/

Quantum (and QAI): https://www.ronimmink.com/everything-qai/

Synthetic biology

Combine that with Amy Web´s book about synthetic biology (https://www.ronimmink.com/synthetic-biology/), and you will have the perfect mix of what is to come in 2024.

Change muscle

Your own change muscle and the change muscle of your organisation will be severely challenged. This is all the more reason to take a good break and reflect.

Have a good one. See you in 2024.


PS Meditation helps with reflection. Check out this. Picking up meditation would be the perfect start of any year.



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