How nimble are you?

Ron Immink
6 min readNov 20, 2023

Because AgilePoint is about complexity reduction, I decided to pick up “Getting to Nimble: How to Transform Your Company into a Digital Leader”. You need nimbleness to seize opportunities more readily or to stave off issues more readily. The usual suspects are mentioned, such as common purpose, trust, and the empowerment of individuals, but there is a massive technology angle to this as well.

Going cross-functional in your automation

Starting with going cross-functional in your automation. Silo busting. Without cross-functional automation, there is no uniformity in data, and you lose out on insights, coordination and optimisation of your business processes. When the current environment makes it impossible to predict even the near-term future or the impact of your actions, you have to approach automation and technology differently.

Have you appointed a chief complexity reduction officer?

The reality is, until about the last 20 years, things changed at a pace and at a manageable level of complication. Compared to now, the pace of change was glacial. In a world of massive change, only the nimble survive. Will your organisation be nimble enough to pivot away from the issues that arise? Have you appointed a chief complexity reduction officer? With complexity, the number of variables, their interconnectedness, and the speed at which they change make it impossible to predict what will happen in the future.

Tightly coupled technology architectures

Unfortunately, older, tightly coupled technology architectures are still the norm for many digital immigrant companies. That means that the downstream implications of changes to technology may be more complicated than they should be. Moreover, the cost to maintain these old, cobbled-together systems, often referred to as “technical debt,” can be profound. Also, consider the impact on the quality of the data and your ability to embrace AI.

More complexity

The rise of a range of new technologies, from artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things, as well as the breadth of vendors providing new solutions, can lead many companies to introduce additional complexity into their organisations. It is remarkable that companies would allow themselves to reach a level of complexity…



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