Is this a company you would want to work for?

Ron Immink
15 min readApr 7, 2022

Are you happy at work? Most of us are not. Why are most companies so bad at looking after their own people? Why are so many companies full of stress, politics, gossip, fear, insecurity, distrust, paranoia, cynicism, and self-interest? How many companies say they put their people first and then do not put that into practice. How many cultures do you think can be regarded as toxic?

Treated like a child

I bet you still punch a clock in the morning, during lunch and when you leave in the evening. I bet you have to wait for your break before you can go to the toiler or have a coffee.


We are all making a b*lls out of managing and leading companies. We respond to difficulties with traditional management tactics like frequent restructurings and layoffs and succeed only in exacerbating the problems, damaging the culture, and destroying morale. One great truth that they have learned is this: The people are just fine; it’s our leadership that’s lacking.

We have a crisis of leadership

In the United States, an estimated 88% of the workforce, 130 million people, go home every day feeling that they work for an organisation that doesn’t listen to or care about them. That is seven out of eight people! These are our mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, and sons and daughters. We live in a world where the phrase “Thank God it’s Friday” has become universally accepted. We’re destroying people and killing our culture because we send people home after treating them as objects and functions instead of caring about them as human beings.

Everybody matters

What would happen when ordinary people throw away long-accepted management practices and start operating from their deepest sense of right, with a sense of profound responsibility for the lives entrusted to them? That is what “Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family” is about.

Human leadership

A book about the power and impact of “truly human” leadership. About bringing our deepest sense of right, authentic caring, and high ideals to business. About achieving success beyond success, measured in the flourishing of human lives. It is about…

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