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Ron Immink
4 min readSep 26, 2023

When I work with #bookin8days clients, I get the question about “writer’s block” a lot. That is why I decided to pick up “Anatomy of a Breakthrough: How to get unstuck and unlock your potential”.

Life quakes

The good news is that whatever happens, you will get unstuck one way or the other. Life quakes are also part of the package of life. Every life story is dotted with small and large life disruptions. Medical issues, deaths and personal losses, the end of relationships, financial setbacks, job losses or changes, natural disasters, and personal shifts. Six in ten lifequakes are involuntary events that arrive suddenly, and six in seven involve a shift from stability to volatility. Lifequakes are so disruptive that they last for an average of five years.

Transition is a kill

The most important feature of lifequakes is that they’re hard to predict. You don’t plan for a lifequake the way you might anticipate an impending plateau, so instead, you need to develop a general tool kit for managing unwanted change. Life transitions are a skill. They’re a skill we can and must master. The lifequakes concept recognises that life is messy. We spend a huge percentage of our lives in transition.

Keep going

However, in between the lifequakes, everyone gets stuck. Advise number one. Keep going. Inspiration is…



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