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Ron Immink
8 min readAug 12, 2021

I am writing a second edition of “Social Media and Selling”. This time I want more emphasis on selling and less on social media. Will include books such as “The context marketing revolution”. Which is the last good book I have read about marketing. I have not read a good book about selling for a long time.

Persuasion games

It is also hard to find good books about selling. I decided to give “Persuasion Games: Will you persuade or be persuaded? Learn the mind games of influence and how to win them” a whack. A book that is full of persuasion tricks.


It is all about FRP or fixed response patterns, which doesn’t involve any logic or conscious thought process as such: the stimulus triggers the same response every time. How we constantly strive to find patterns so our brains do not consume too much energy. You have no choice. Your brain is bombarded by stimuli all the time, and commercialism only exacerbates the problem. If you had to stop and think about every single message, every little piece of data, then your brain would be unable to cope. From a survival point of view, it is more important to see a few patterns that are not there than to miss the one that is. Is that a tiger in the bush, or just a breeze? However, a lot of those survival techniques do no longer suits us.


That is why we invented heuristics. When you want to get somewhere quickly, it helps if you know a little mental shortcut. Where you accept the inevitable trade-off: faster-processing speed and the ability to handle all the incoming data, at the expense of errors and reduced reliability. There is an ongoing battle for your mind and becoming part of the heuristics. A brand is a heuristic. Branding is the shortcut to capture your attention. There is an ongoing battle between advertisers who want to win your attention and your preference not to have your time and attention wasted — it is as old as the hills and shows no sign of coming to an end. It’s only going to get worse.


Heuristics are good and bad. Heuristics give rise to stereotyped thinking. It stops you from thinking. It makes you manipulatable. It feeds your biases. And you have created all feedback mechanisms that create and sustain…

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