Maruwa’s Transformation: A Masterclass in Organizational Change

Ron Immink
2 min readApr 16, 2024

Featured in the Financial Times, Maruwa, a distinguished Japanese enterprise with over two centuries dedicated to ceramic art and fine porcelain tableware, has dramatically transformed its business model.

Today, Maruwa is valued at $2.75 billion and has become a dominant force in its niche. This remarkable evolution underscores the power of effectively developing and harnessing an organisation’s change capability.

Building the In-company Change Muscle

To delve deeper into Maruwa’s success and explore how you can cultivate similar change dynamics within your company, download my comprehensive guide, “Building the In-company Change Muscle: Intrapreneurship, Innovation, Transformation & Strategy.” To celebrate Maruwa, this resource is available for free with the voucher code “Maruwa.”

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