Parasite or delight?

  • design
  • story
  • symphony
  • empathy
  • play
  • meaning
  • They subscribe to a purpose for being that is different from and goes beyond making money.
  • They actively align the interests of all stakeholder groups, not just balance them.
  • Their executive salaries are relatively modest.
  • They operate at the executive level with an open door policy.
  • Their employee compensation and benefits are significantly greater than the standard for the company’s category.
  • They devote considerably more time than their competitors to employee training.
  • Their employee turnover is far lower than the industry average.
  • They empower employees to make sure customers leave every
  • transaction experience fully satisfied.
  • They make a conscious effort to hire people who are passionate about the company and its products.
  • They consciously humanise the company experience for customers and employees, as well as creating a nurturing work environment.
  • They project a genuine passion for customers and emotionally connect with them at a deep level.
  • Their marketing costs are far lower than those of their industry peers, while customer satisfaction and retention are far higher.
  • They view their suppliers as true partners and collaborate with them to move both their companies forward.
  • They honour the spirit of laws rather than merely following the letter of the law.
  • They consider their corporate culture to be their greatest asset and primary source of competitive advantage.
  • Their cultures are resistant to short-term, incidental pressures, but also prove able to quickly adapt when needed.



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Ron Immink

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