Scenario prompts 8 December 2023; read “Frugal innovation”, “Quantum supremacy” and “Principles”

Ron Immink
2 min readDec 8, 2023

Scenario prompts are the first step in strategy development. Topics to consider are food trends, frugal innovation, DNA nanobots, the word for 2023, quantum computing, Ray Dalio, molecular origami, citizen development, slow flow (Bookbuzz) and the benefits of reading.

Read “Frugal innovation”, “Quantum supremacy” and “Principles”.

‘AI is not the future, it’s the present,’ Tastewise’s CMO discusses speeding up industry’s digital transformation

AI suggesting recipes, indulgence, cheese, reconnection, spicy, natural, Asian, Eastern and weight loss.

Frugal innovation: why low cost doesn’t have to mean low impact


Researchers create 3D DNA nanorobots

Researchers say they have created tiny robots built from DNA that can reproduce themselves.

Our word of the year for 2023

Change in language are indications of meta trends.

IBM Is Planning to Build Its First Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computer by 2029

The company’s Condor processor is the first quantum chip of its kind with over 1,000 qubits. Read



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