September and October in Spain

Ron Immink
2 min readOct 8, 2023

September in Spain is gorgeous. There is a lot less heat, and it is still lovely and sunny. Best time of the year. October is the same. Perfect time for a bookin8days mini retreat. E-mail if you want the checklist to plan your book. A book is never about the writing.

Climate accelerators

We have launched our circular construction accelerator. The clients are in EV charging, a new state of glass, solar as a service, retrofit financing, carbon reporting, showers, renovations, bio-based materials, nano-tubes, life cycle assessment, location assessments, affordable houses, dynamic PV and road construction. We have an open application process. You can already apply for the next edition. The carbon capture accelerator is starting in October.


I wrote a post about my client AgilePoint. AgilePoint is a codeless adaptive automation platform. True transformation. They solve digital transformation problems for large enterprises with a particular focus on reducing complexity, removing technical debt (a software chokepoint) and making the operating system dynamic and adaptable, increasing your clock speed. It is the highest form of software abstraction I have seen, which means it allows for citizen development at an enterprise level, making your company faster, better and more innovative. Since my work with PMI, citizen development is a subject that is close to my heart. See also:

More here.

Book blogs

Read a few books. Here are the blogs I wrote about them.

The common thread between the books (if there is one) is (self-) awareness and anticipation. If you are interested in anticipation and awareness, feel free to subscribe to my scenario prompts on LinkedIn. Scenario prompts, in my view, are the first step to ongoing strategy development and developing your change muscle in your organisation. My work with AgilePoint and their enterprise (Fortune 100) clients suggests that training your organisational change muscle is the only way to survive in a rapidly changing world.

Have a fantastic month.



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